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Welcome to Higher Education Avenues

HEA is a global pool of talent, resources & phenomenal network within the space of the ever growing International Education Sector. At HEA our predominant objective is to provide exceptionally unmatched opportunities for the deserving & aspiring students, who are our sole and core assets in achieving their aspirations & ambitions.

We constantly explore, engage and enhance new life-changing & life-time opportunities through our trusted global partner providers, all our tireless and in tandem efforts are committed to our student’s success & achieving our privileged partner provider’s core objectives.

Our Service

At HEA, there are plethora of diverse Higher Education Avenues and opportunities. The common impediments that students face often in pursuit are the lack of mindful, empathetic yet authentic directions.

We strongly believe that every student has very unique credentials & there is no “one size-fit all” approach, therefore, we personalize our approach to diligently match the student’s potential, eligibility and affordability to provide second-daddy like advice & guidance esp. in accordance with our utmost trusted partner Universities outreach & recruitment mandates.

Our Team

We are a team of International Education sector with prowess core competencies in diverse fields viz. MarCom, Outreach & Recruitment, Channel Partner Framework, Uni2Uni strategic collaborations, Twinning’s & Articulations, RPL’s Mapping & Matching, Industry & Academia Linkages, Apprenticeship & Internships, Quintessential Academic Services, Industry-Government endowments, grants & funding, Inbound-Outbound Teaching & Learning blending, incubation, innovation, acceleration, entrepreneurship and leadership, collaborative research, multi-territory patenting, co-publications, Team-Taught TNE, colloquiums, webinars, events, symposiums, competitions, hackathon/s besides all the mutually yet mandated beneficial affirmative action’s.


Global Affiliations

Reachout & Presence